Company dedicated to the production of acrylic teeth


MAYA VILLEGAS y CIA LTDA, was founded on 1966, en the city of Envigado, Colombia. The quality of their products opened the foreign market, becoming an export enterprise. It counts with more than 50 years of experience.


MAYA VILLEGAS Y CIA LTDA. Looks primarily to satisfy the dental sector in related to the acrylic teeth according to the market requirements. Our direct Customers are the distributors and deposits of dental products who have found in MAYA VILLEGAS Y CIA LTDA a commercial partner that provide a product with quality, service, costs, and execution. Our personnel has in MAYA VILLEGAS Y CIA LTDA all the necessary technical resources to reach and maintain the levels of quality.


MAYA VILLEGAS Y CIA LTDA pretends to be number one in the National and International Market and will be exporting two and four layers teeth, based on its mission, endorsed by the seals of CE and ISO certifications, with a high quality , counting with a machinery that will reduce the manufacturing time, to such point that the customer will receive their product at the exact time that they have claimed, which means that MAYA VILLEGAS will satisfy all the Customer expectations.

The human part will be considered the most important element, providing all the necessary for their personal and professional development, which supplemented with the above mentioned will make of MAYA VILLEGAS Y CIA LTDA, a company accustomed at all levels.

Dientes Acrilicos -Acrylic Teeth - Denti in resina

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